The town of Castleford is built upon the site of a historic Roman settlement, close to the famous Great North Road built by the conquerors. The settlement was given the latin names Legeolium, which is the most commonly known, and Legecium which has been adopted as the kennel’s name. Legecium is pronounced ‘lee-geh-see-um’, and no doubt, will be completely different to the latin pronunciation.

Since 1985 I have been privileged to own some lovely dogs, all have been my pets foremost with some winning top awards in the show ring. I am a breed specialist judge, authorized by the Kennel Club to award challenge certificates in the breed at championship shows. Unfortunately due to work commitments, breeding has never been a priority, I have though bred the occasional litter and look forward to breeding again in the future.

All my dogs are companions and live in the house with me, they are my family and my focus. I care very much about the health and welfare of the breed and support any related health screening and education opportunities. The interest I have in canine health issues led me to be a founder Director of the Animal Cancer Trust, and although I am no longer involved in that role, I am still very supportive of the charity. I also support the concept of the international Berner Garde which was established in the US, details and information relating to my dogs are submitted in the data base.

I have visited both Europe and North America to attend breed shows and have met many friends through these visits. It is always interesting to see dogs in other countries and have the opportunity to talk with breeders and exhibitors about the breed of dog we all love so much - the Bernese Mountain Dog.

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